Writing Courses

The methodology used for all courses offered on this site is from the Institute for Excellence in Writing, also known as IEW®. It is the #1 award winning methodology for mobilizing writers of all ages.

Classes are split into levels:

Structure and Style for Students® from IEW®

Students and homeschool parents have used this curriculum over the past 25 years with excellent results. Three study levels are available and all of them are designed to meet students at their point of need.  IEW® defines the level of study as follows:

Level A: Elementary: Gr. 3-5, Year 1 & Year 2

Level B:  Middle School: Gr. 6-8, Year 1 & Year 2

Level C:  High School: Gr. 9-12, Year 1 & Year 2


Write Across the Curriculum

Writing across all disciplines of the curriculum has direct academic benefits. Students destined for STEM studies and careers, are accommodated during English class. They have ample opportunity to practice writing skills specific for their chosen future disciplines. Write Across the Curriculum courses all use the IEW®methodology. This provides students with an excellent opportunity and exciting writing projects.

Level A: Gr. 3-5 Working Animals

Level B: Gr. 6-9 The Great Alaskan Race: The Iditarod®

Level C: Gr. 10-12 Ernest Shackleton's Endurance: The Transantarctic Expedition (1914-1917)


Paramount Paragraphs

Learn how to structure thirty different types of paragraphs while practicing the stylistic techniques learned during previous IEW® studies. This class can be joined at any time. Class practice and short homework assignments keep students focused on the core structure of particular types of paragraphs. The target audience for this class is upper middle school and high school students.

Level B: Gr. 8

Level C: Gr 9-12


Struggling Writers

Some students struggle to write.  Roadmaps for their success need specific interventions.

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