About Alta

Alta Wehmeyer


I am a veteran home school parent, who successfully graduated two young men. Since their departure to university, I have assisted many home school families to succeed.  Sixteen years experience in the information technology industry, together with formal training in music and composition studies, helped me make excellent decisions about home schooling my own family. Clear goals, a winning strategy, and dedication were the chief ingredients.

Lifelong Learning

I am a proponent of lifelong learning. Continuing education positiones me to stay in touch across generational divide. I am still reading different subjects at my Alma Mater, which interests me. This holds the key to connections and new developments across my chosen diciplines. I am a member of several homeschool organizations, and an active advocate for keeping the HOME in homeschooling.

The Future

Educating my own boys pushed me to work with diligence towards positive outcomes. I freely share these with parents who enroll their students with me.I continually seek wise mentors to learn from. Students often teach me through the views and opinions they hold.

My Values

Alta Wehmeyer LLC is a Delaware registered company, which offers educational services. I offer English writing classes and Music instruction.