1. Students need original copies of the required texts for the class.

2. High-Speed Internet access are required.

3. Computer or device capable of running ZOOM™. Downloads are available here:

4. Your student needs a working camera, headphones, and a quiet working area.  Students who disable their cameras will be summarily dismissed.

5. Students must attend Zoom meetings with their real name. This maps to the attendance register.

6. Slack is the only platform for joint student and parent discussions, which fall outside the normal lesson times.

7. Every student needs his/her own device (computer/tablet/smartphone etc.).

8. Parental supervision is required, especially in the early stages of this online learning journey. Younger students, and those with learning disabilities may require full-time assistance in their learning environment. The adult in charge of their education need to determine this level of support.

9.  Like Mr. Andrew Pudewa, I discourage the use of pencils for all student writing. I encourage the acquisition of cursive penmanship.

10. On final drafts where the instruction include typing, disable all spell checkers and grammar tools.

11. Student must follow the class culture code, as detailed in the document attached below.

Download Class Culture Code