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L. P., Age 10

“Miss Alta is helpful to me because she gives me good advice. Also, she is nice and kind. She helps me to understand things that I don’t get, and she give me some life lessons on how to be a better person.”

I. U., Age 14

"Ms. Alta's class has helped me. At the beginning of the year I hated writing; I no longer hate it.  Ms. Alta is an incredibly kind and helpful person, she has helped me get past the things I struggle with.  Looking back at what I used to be capable of and what I can do now, it does not even compare.  I would definitely recommend Ms. Alta's classes to other people."

A. C., Age 11

"Before I came to Miss. Alta I hated writing.  Now I love it!  I mostly hated it because I could not spell.  She helped me daily on the Internet, and now it is much easier for me."

A. R., Age 8

"I think Ms. Alta is a great teacher because she encourages me to write with knowledge. I enjoy learning new vocabulary every week and all the dressups to make my story more interesting. I am thankful to have her as my teacher. She is the best!"


L. H.

"Our lessons with Alta are some of the most valuable parts of our homeschool journey. My teenagers have quickly learned a more organized, stylistic method of writing, and are well prepared for college. Alta draws not only from IEW, but also her amazing life experiences and history of homeschooling her own children. ❤️"

V. P.

“I am so thankful to have Miss Alta in our lives. She’s very knowledgeable and extremely patient.She has helped my daughter become a better writer through guidance and positive feedback. My daughter looks forward to see her every week. We love her dearly!”

K. R.

"I can only say great thing about Alta’s writing class and her teaching skills! Alta instills confidence in her students to excel in their work. She is compassionate, reliable and resourceful, and goes the extra mile for her students.It is simply amazing how my daughter, who is in third grade, has been writing stories."

K. U.

"One of my main goals in my children's education has always been to instill a love of words and the ability to communicate well, writing is a critical element for success in so many areas of life.

"I had two students at the beginning of the year with different ability levels and different needs-- one struggled to write any assignment, the other was a good writer but struggled to distill information and organize it.  I wanted to give them the tools to be adept communicators without making them hate doing so along the way.  Our good fortune led us to Alta.  IEW itself is a unique and helpful program but it is an absolute miracle in her skilled hands.  She is a remarkable teacher, meets people where they are, identifies their struggles, and gives them the tools to overcome those.  She is excellent in motivating students to want to do their best work.  She has given both of my kids tools they will use for their college years and beyond, and a newfound confidence in wielding them.I cannot recommend her enough.  Our year with her has been one of the best investments we have made in learning."