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Inspiring Lifelong Learners

Alta possesses exceptional talents in teaching students at all levels to excel in music, writing, critical thinking, and social skills, while nurturing their love for learning and inspiring them to succeed as she continues to set a high bar for lifelong learning.

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From Alta's Desk

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🎓 Why Choose This Course? 🎓

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✔️ Real-World Relevance: Learn to apply writing skills in college and beyond.
✔️ Engaging Content: Explore captivating readings in The Bedford Reader.
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All School Levels Offered

Elementary School
Elementary School

Young learners gain confidence in their ability by completing short assignments that build valuable skill.

Grammar and root word vocabulary are included in all classes.

Middle School
Middle School

During these years students hone and expand their skillsets with additional focus on critical thinking and integrating functional grammar structurally.

Root word vocabulary study expands academic horizons.

High School
High School

Students prepare for reading and writing tasks needed for tertiary level study. Expansion of critical thinking and fallacy free logic become a sharp focus. 

Continuation and integration of roots words vocabulary and functional grammar skills mature to be powerful writing tools.

Student and Parent Testimonials


Mrs. Alta exceeded our expectations as she taught our children all the skills of Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing. She utilized very effective techniques and used very interesting stories tailored to capture the interest span of each child. But what is also special is her ability to guide and teach our children on how to expand their focus and become independent learners while inspiring a Godly character.

About five years ago, when we were desperately searching for an English tutor familiar with the IEW curriculum, we met Mrs. Alta. My wife and I are not native English speakers, and our oldest child was falling behind. After our initial meeting, we quickly connected with her expertise and philosophy of teaching, soon realizing how fortunate we had become in finding her. Her deep knowledge, expertise, and talent to personalize her instructions to each one of our children was amazing.